Trans_Lucent is a response to the simultaneous convergence of

the many transitions happening in my world and the wider

world around me at this time. The particular genesis of the

work was our child telling us that they are Transgender. They

came out during the holidays of 2015, and I found my

photography became my response.

This book is not simply- or really at all- about my response or

one family’s response to transitioning. It concerns the moment

between, the moment after the input and before the formulated

conscious response, the internal monologues that never stop,

the external appearances we show to the world as a response to

the transitions in our lives.

Much of the work involves double exposures, portraits and

self-portraits. The work itself is in transition and evolving as it

is made. Some of the images were planned and some

spontaneous. The tools used are anything that can capture and

pixilate an image so that it can exist in our digital world.

There is one thing that Katherine (my wife) and I have found

to be true as we have all transitioned from Abigail to Asher.

This person is our child. They have been freaking us out and

flipping our world upside down from the moment they were

born. The name, the hair, the pronouns, the gender may

change, but they remain our child. And we love them, forever,